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Yoon Na Rae (윤나래) | 2014 Korean Trials Day 2| 14.2 

so it took me a while but I finally found videos of the Korean trials which is where the women’s team for worlds and the Asian Games are picked and they pick teams early like Japan. Yoon Na Rae was the top AAer and has qualified for both teams. The rest of the team is Park Ji Soo (박지수) , Lee Hye Bin (이혜빈), Kim Chae Yeon (김채연), Jung Hee Yeon (정희연), and Eom Da Yeon (엄다연). The alternate/reserve is Kim Ju Ran (김주란). None of them are anywhere near being in the running for any world medals (the top scores in all events didn’t go above a 13.9 aside from Na Rae’s beam score.) but if Na Rae hits her beam then I could see her maybe squeaking into the beam final at Worlds. 

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Lee Michelle - Without You 

In the music video, her younger counterpart depicts, what I believe, is her experience as a young girl who is of African-American and Korean descent. Korea, known for its homogeneity and strictly objective standards, would have had created an environment where children of mixed race encounter endless hardships as they grow up. The child actress pats on her cheeks white powder and puts on lipstick, trying to cover up her skin colour and fit into the beauty standards of Korea - that young girls/women are only beautiful if they had fair skin - and that scene is mirrored with Lee Michelle having make-up to make her face look fair. The lines that are repeated throughout the song “I’m beautiful without you” reflects how far she has come and how she has finally reconciled within herself that she doesn’t need to fit into the mould designed by the society in order to feel worthy. She doesn’t need validation from people and neither does she need to change her skin colour. By making her debut through a music video and song with such impact, she is making her mark by telling the Korean society as well as fans of Kpop that she wants to debut as herself. And she is also a pioneer in breaking into an East Asian entertainment industry. In other countries like Taiwan, China and Japan, there hasn’t really been any notable artists (at least none that I know of; would appreciate if someone could point out) of half African-American descent even though there has been a handful who were featured on TV shows. Lee Michelle has an absolutely beautiful voice and although it may be tough, I hope she’ll make a mark in this industry. 

On a side note, JYP previously mentioned about racism in Korea and how parents should begin teaching their children to stop discriminating. [1] But the truth is, the older generation and younger people who are becoming parents are the groups of people who need education on racism and discrimination. Children do not actually know about discrimination and racism unless they have been taught; whether through the media or socialization process in school and at home. 

[1] JYP sheds light on Korea’s deep-rooted racial divide - Soompi.com

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Anonymous wondered,
"Which store do you get the hippie headband? Y'know, the one that goes around the head and over the forehead? I can't find it anywhere!"

The headband is part of a hairstyle that’s done by a stylist. I can’t recall her name off the top of my head but she does the bold hairstyles. :)

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